Working With Artists: Object Selection

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Working With Artists: Object Selection

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Once the artists were selected, the next step of the exhibition planning process involved determining what works of art would appear in the show. This is one of the exciting changes to the exhibition this year – providing the artists with the opportunity to collaborate with the exhibition curator.

Collaboration included studio visits with each of the artists where the exhibition curator spent a day with each artist looking through their body of work. By spending time with the artists in their own space, she was able to learn more about their working process, what inspires them and what objects they were working on currently.

In the end, some of the works chosen for the show were included in the portfolios. Other works were selected during the studio visits. And some objects are brand new works of art,  which were made following discussions with the curator during the studio visits. As with any curated exhibition, the curator worked closely with senior museum staff to solicit feedback on the works selected for the show.

This new approach to selecting works for TAA is just one of the ways the Museum has experimented with the exhibition to make a more cohesive and engaging show, for the artists selected and visitors to the exhibition. This methodology is far from set in stone and the museum’s intention is to continue to review the exhibition’s format after consideration of feedback from our community.

What are your thoughts on collaborating with a curator? Are you excited about seeing works of art that have never been on view before?

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